Tuscaloosa Bypass Bridge

Additional Business Rules for Vehicles Using the Commercial Truck Lanes

  • There will be a one time charge of $25.00 to activate transponders on cash accounts that enroll or renew for less than $500.00. This charge shall be waived for transponders on automatic renewal accounts. Transponders not used within a six (6) month period shall be assessed a one time reactivation charge of $6.00 per transponder.

  • All vehicles using transponders in the commercial lanes will be charged the prevailing commercial rate. If the transponder does not record the transaction OR the bar code on the transponder is used for processing at the Tuscaloosa Bypass Bridge (TBP) or other American Roads bridges in Alabama, the vehicle will be classified at the prevailing rate.

  • There will be a $6.00 replacement charge for all lost or stolen transponders as well as for transponders damaged by the customer. The transponder remains the property of the Tuscaloosa Bypass Bridge/American Roads and is not transferrable without the written authorization by TBP/American Roads.

  • The account holder is responsible for informing the Tuscaloosa Bypass Bridge office, in writing or via email, of any lost or stolen transponders so they may be deactivated. The account holder will be responsible for all charges resulting in lost or stolen transponders up to the date reported to the Tuscaloosa Bypass Bridge.

  • Transponders are activated upon receipt and shall be mounted and maintained by the account holder as instructed by the TBP.

  • The TBP toll plaza remains gated, trucks shall slow when approaching the toll gates to allow the transponder to be read and the gate opened.

  • Account holders are responsible for verifying their accounts on a regular basis. TBP will not adjust any transactions that are in excess of forty-five (45) days.